Why Are Companies in Need Of Software Engineers?

Published January 17th ,2021 at 3:30am  
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Programmers and developers are always in demand. They help companies grow and scale. The average salary of a developer between is $35000 dollars to $200000 dollars a year. Why are they in need by the big tech?

Programmers are in huge demand from companies more than ever. We keep asking ourselves about why there are so companies looking forward to hiring developers from all corners of the planet. Well the reason is simple. We are in the information age and whoever controls the information controls the media which is responsible for engaging people. The following reasons will outline why programmers are needed by so many companies.

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1. Companies need software engineers to scale:
There are a whole lot of people on the likes of Facebook, Google and, Twitter. Twitter alone processes more than 33 million database queries per every second. This means that they cannot afford to misuse resources. Any developer having the quality to make good judgement as to how to make the system scale upon all these requests will definitely be chased after by these big tech companies. Google for instance are in need of engineers capable of writing top and incredible algorithms to solve complex problems.

2. There is a higher growth in FINTECH companies:
The financial technology has now grown to an incredible size. More and more people are using the internet to make payments now. Hackers and fraudster are now considering ways to swoop these large amount of money into secret accounts. This is where cyber security experts come in. Companies need top cyber security experts to help them protect user data, carry out safer authentications and find and block loop holes that can be used as a leverage for hackers to infiltrate the systems. Anyone with excellent skill and knowledge in these areas is guaranteed to be hired by these top institutions such as Amazon, Alibaba and the rest.

3. Artificial intelligence to process large volumes of data to influence companies decisions:
AI has taken on the technology industry by storm. Companies are now looking for ways to make better decisions using Artificial Intelligence. Aviation companies need realtime information on the weather to make decisions, autonomous vehicles need realtime data to adjust themselves to changing variables in the streets, e-commerce companies need information on customers buying intentions, Facebook and other advertising companies need information on how to pull data from user activities that are relevant to companies and businesses. For the companies to meet these targets, developers with excellent knowledge in the field of AI are the ones they look up.

4. The COVID-19 has changed the way we do business:
The Coronavirus pandemic has now made the world adapt to the remote way of doing things. Ever since it came into inception, companies have been looking out for better ways to service customers from all corners of the world. Educational institutions have now adopted the e-learning approach to help students to continue to study from home. This has therefore increased opportunities for software engineers who have the remote experience to help these institutions build better and scalable systems capable of holding a large volume of users who will be watching live courses online.

In conclusion, this age is made for those who can give the computer a work to do. Automation will soon sink so many jobs since AI is able to predict things better these days with 95% confidence and is more than that of human beings. Uber is one of the largest companies in the GIG economy and they don't own a single taxi. Airbnb can now find places for people to sleep without owning a single hotel or apartment. The manual or traditional way of doing things is now over and the time is now for the world to adapt or you risk fading away in the next few years.

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