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CodeGaia (collectively, "we," "us" or “CodeGaia") provides you access to the CodeGaia Services. The following privacy policy content is in accordance with the law and is strictly enforced and respected by any party on the CodeGaia platform. Parties involved here will be notified via email in case of any modification or changes.


We collect certain data from you directly. Some of them include the data you enter yourself, the number of courses you participate in and data we take from the third-party apps you connect with CodeGaia.

Account data

The account data is the information you provide us during account creation. We collect data about your full name, email and your password which is encrypted in the sense that no one can read it directly from its storage point.

Profile data

The profile data we collect are the ones we take when your account is set up. Among the information we collect from here are your profile photo, nationality, age, what you do and a little description about you.

Course data

Also, we collect data on the courses you are studying on this platform. We track the progress of the course, the details surrounding the course and the category within which the course is found.

Student payment data

When a course a purchased, we take information on payment through Mobile Money, Vodafone, Airtel, and Coupon codes. Along with those data, we take the name, and other vital information concerning the transaction.

Data we get through automated means

Usage data: We get this data through the pages you visit, items added to cart, searches made, browser, platforms, IP addresses and other related data.

Geolocation: Based on your IP address, we take your location by getting your coordinates using your IP. The IP address gives us the name of the location, city, country and others.


Cookies: With cookies, we store information on your browsing habits on this platform, remember login details, pages visited, data on the time spent on different pages and others.

Online advertising: Online advertising also serves as a way through which we get your data. We sometimes advertise on websites which you frequently visit like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. On these platforms, new students can be acquired through advertising.

Google analytics: This platform help us to know which pages you arrived from on our website, the page you visit most often, the amount of time you spent of these pages and few others.


We use your data to protect you against fraud, detect better courses for you, know your preferred way of using this platform, suggest personalized ads, troubleshoot issues, suggest courses, stat up to date with you, effective communication and improve our services to students.

Data Usage

Suggest courses

Stay up to date with you

Improve our quality and quantity of service

Protect users against fraud, identity theft and others

Improve your browsing experience with this platform

Help find better information on other students

Suggest ads

Solicit feedback from students.


Your data is shared with business partners, advertisers and other social media platforms where we carry out our campaigns. Mostly, we provide these third-party and business partners with your preferences and browsing habits on this platform. With your courses and others, we are able to find out similar students who wish to take the path you have chosen in learning.

Social media websites

Social media websites are where we carry out campaigns to target students alike or aspirants who aim to take the same learning path as yours. The data analytics we produce from your browsing activities help us reach out to others who are like you on these social networking platforms.


We share your data with instructors on and off the platform. This helps them to know your taste and how you want things to be done. Based on your feedbacks, instructors are able to capitalize on it to find out better ways to serve your needs according to how you want them to.


Again, we have partners which we work with to reach as many students as possible. To help them to a better job, we share some of the data we have collected from you with them to help target other aspirants who would like to learn. With this data, they are able to make accurate predictions on the locations they need to have campaigns as well as particular people they need to reach out to.


Your data is well protected with us. We will be held reliable for any loss of data and infringement of privacy policy laws. We encrypt your data with SSL certificates. We do not expose sensitive data in the browser. Your password is well protected and encrypted in the sense that no one can read it directly from the permanent data storage or database table. We shall notify you whenever there is a change in our privacy polices via email and other means. On your part, you must not share your password with any other person else, the person can easily get access your account which may contain paid courses and other information.



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