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Using (“we”, “us”, “CodeGaia” ) represent this platform. The following content on Terms & Conditions are what all parties seeking to get involved in the services of this in one way or the way are to obey. The following are the therefore binding and without agreeing to them, the services on this platform cannot be patronized.


This platform is available to persons above the age of 13 years and older. By clicking “I Agree”, you hereby accept to be bound by the terms and conditions here. To help us avoid any miscommunication and ensure fairness and transparency on this platform, please read on to know more on how this platform operates in relation to set laws and policies by government and other institutions. The following are the terms which one has to agree before making use of any feature or service on this platform:


You cannot delete a course once it has been bought by a student unless you contact us to give us a reason to remove the course. We cannot risk loosing out trust to students who patronize courses created by our instructors.

Your course will be automatically switched to unpublished once you hit the edit button to modify it. You will have to manually to republish it once you are done with the modification.

You can withdraw the money earned on your courses when you manually request for it.


The amount spent on buying a course is only refundable after 1 week of buying the course. Any period after that will not be appreciated.

We shall share your course data with other instructors.

We shall predict courses to you to help improve the quality of service for you.

You shall receive emails on new courses, blog, changes to policies and others.


We shall not tolerate the use of any vulgar language on this platform. Failure to affirm to this will render your account being banned.

If you have any issue with a course or instructor, please kindly send us a message on info@codegaia.com to help us address and solve the issue.

In case you encounter an error, please kindly contact us info@codegaia.com to help us improve our codes to handle any demand from all platforms we currently support.

We shall store information on your location and store more data on your browsing habits. This data includes the pages you have visited, courses learnt, login details and few others.

Refund Policy

Currently, we have a 1-week money-back guaranree for all the courses we offer on CodeGaia.


Email: info@codegaia.com

Mobile: +233-566-289-704

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